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Cottages, houses, and building ground in Slovakia’s pleasantly hilly south. Ideal holiday homes!
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Exceptional properties with optional extras that require the buyer to register a company. (See relevant texts for the buying procedure and FAQs)
Hungarian Houses for sale
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We work together with a local agent and there for we link for the actual offerings to the agents website. Of course we will help you where possible andare glad to talk to you. You can always call or e-mail us.
Your contact person is Jacob de Boer (English speaking).
You can call us every day between 9:00 and 20:00 (GMT), thru Skype (jacobdeboer), or thru
0800-011-2936 0800-011-2936.
You can also send us an e-mail by info@slovakianhouses.com

Ever thought of Slovakia's neighbour land Hungary?. Right next to Slovakia, at the south site (in the region of Velky Krist - Lucenec We have the North of Hungary (Bükk mountains). Here we can offer you a nice selection of houses, as well as in other parts of Hungary.
Hungary is located in the middle of Europe and prices of real estate is very reasonable (even low). This can be a nice alternative for Slovakia. For more information visit Hungarian Houses

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Jacob de Boer

Our offerings can be found here.

Looking for a house in Slovakia, some building plot or just a good investment?

Take the time to look thru our offerings. We offer you authentic Slovakian houses, farm and now and then we can offer you on bigger objects like a hotel, castle or what ever. Looking for an opportunity in Slovakia? We are glad to help you make you dream come true.


All prices you find on our website are in the local Slovakian currently, in the Euro. At this moment we use a rate of 1,15 to convert from Euro to the GBP.

ALL-IN Prices.

All our prices are including all costs to buy your Slovakian dream. It includes the house price, cots of lawyers, costs of SRO (where necessary) and our commission. Our prices are final.

More information?

We are glad to welcome you to pay us a visit, but we can only operate by appointment. Feel free to call, or e-mail us to make an appointment. Our Team is happy to help you in making your Slovakian Dream come true.

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